The Workshop | Floyd, VA

formerly Preservation Wood Sales

We make stuff. We use reclaimed and salvaged wood. We weld and forge. Here in Floyd, Virginia.

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What We Do

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood

We work exclusively with reclaimed and salvaged wood. We have a small specialty product line, and a small portfolio of custom furniture–barn doors, benches, tables–we’ve created for our local clientele.



We weld and forge for our local community here in Floyd, Virginia. Recent projects: hand-hammered and forged hobbit door hinges, steel table legs, a new goose neck trailer bed. See our portfolio of custom metalwork.

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We’ve developed a specialty line of reclaimed wood and salvaged wood floating shelves out of our commitment to the great trees that inspire us. Shop us on Etsy. Everything is one-of-a-kind and made by hand.

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All of our floating shelves are handmade using reclaimed and salvaged wood. Because of our commitment to use only wood which does not contribute to deforestation, we are somewhat limited in our custom capabilities. However, this means that your shelf will be one-of-a-kind! We love it this way. We hope you do too.

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Who We Are

Michael Whitlock, Owner and Founder

Michael Whitlock

Owner, Founder

Michael came from the world of high-end art metal fabrication, having worked his way up from carrying the trash to shop foreman. He’s a master of the practical, and a highly skilled metal worker. He also grew up on a working farm here in Floyd, Virginia, and knows all aspects of farming from butchering hogs to mending fence. He has a knack for small engine repair and a gift with horses. Now Michael works full time as a lead craftsman in a local woodworking shop–St. Pierre Woodworking–our partner in reclaimed wood. Michael is the muscle and skilled craftsmanship of the operation, and keeps us focused on our values: no new wood, keep it simple and beautiful, and treat people well.

Katy Morikawa, Co-founder, Sales, Marketing

Katy Morikawa

Co-founder, Sales, Marketing

When Katy added woodworking to her skillset, she laughed long and hard. Now she can truly call herself a Jill of All Trades! A free spirit who spent longer than needed finishing college in Hawaii, Katy has lived in so many places, and done so many different kinds of work. It makes her well-suited for wearing the many hats of a small business owner: sales, bookkeeping, shipping, graphic design, web development, sanding, finishing, shop clean-up, and whatever else is needed. She considers herself a philosopher and an artist, which is why the recent adventure in handwork is so refreshing. Seriously, who knew that woodworking could be so seriously physical? Good thing she doesn’t have to lift the really heavy stuff!

ps – Michael hates flip-flops and wants me to put a photo of his cowboy boots here instead. We’ll see.