When Michael and I started Preservation Wood Sales, we didn’t know that much about reclaimed wood. But we were passionate about it anyway and saw a way to bring our experience in supply chain custom manufacturing to a new industry. We partnered with St Pierre Woodworking, where Michael works as a lead craftsman to this day, to find new sales outlets for St Pierre’s reclaimed wood products–and dove right in.

Two years later, our knowledge has deepened and our business model has changed a lot: We’ve developed our own product line of reclaimed wood and salvaged wood floating shelves. We create mantels using both St Pierre’s and our own reclaimed wood inventory. We sell our mantels and shelves primarily on Etsy, and have moved away from custom work. Michael’s full-time job made custom work too challenging to juggle with his work schedule. We love our niche!

Meanwhile, we found ourselves taking on small local construction projects, and lending a hand when my brother, Stefan, needed help with remodeling projects (see Stefan Morikawa, LLC). Michael’s metal shop has seen regular use–for metal table bases, hand-forged steel corbels, a flatbed trailer frame or as the scene for Stefan’s latest (crazy) metal sculpture! Finally, we decided it was time for a new name for our business, and a new look to reflect our ethos. In February 2017, we launched The Workshop | Floyd, VA.

The founding values that inspired our work with&n