Project Description

Our client wanted a rough and thick chunky reclaimed wood table top. He had a friend making the table base out of steel, and planned to finish the top himself. But he needed a source for cool roughsawn or hand-hewn reclaimed wood, and someone to saw and glue it together for him. We used our antique white oak hand-hewn beams, cut boards at about 2-1/2″ thick, glued them together, planed the back side, cut it to length, and sanded to remove the big splinters.

Half a year later, our client sent us the finished photos. He said that he had spent more than a month sanding but had loved every minute of the process. It took eight coats of Danish Oil (the last few wet sanded) followed by six coats of Liquid Wax. He said, “Although it looks rough if you run your hand over the top it’s incredibly smooth. It was a lot of fun to see it take shape over time.”