Project Description

Our clients wanted to update the laundry room which acts as an entry through the garage into the house. They chose a contemporary farmhouse theme that added a custom barn door, a primitive style bench, horizontal distressed white wood wall paneling, and thick shelves supported by water pipe brackets to their remodel plans. Stefan Morikawa, LLC, as their contractor, brought this portion of the project to us.

For the barn door and the ledger board used for mounting the sliding door hardware, we used roughsawn oak boards reclaimed from an early 20th century warehouse building in Cambria, Virginia. We used this same wood for the primitive style bench. We particularly loved the extra-large wormholes in the board selected for the bench’s top, as well as its gentle contours which created a naturally scooped seat. This bench is SO COMFORTABLE to sit on!

The shelves needed to be 12″ deep and were pretty long – 5-6′. Our clients wanted 2″ thick material as well. We used some 2″ thick old growth long leaf yellow pine boards reclaimed from the same Cambria warehouse. We had to domino-join and glue together two boards to achieve the 12″ depth. We knew that the finish would hide the seam pretty well.

Our clients chose our black and tan finish for the barn door, bench, and shelves. We love this finish for the way it combines contemporary and rustic design themes. It works best when applied to a vintage/antique textured wood surface, but can be achieved on smooth wood as well.