Project Description

The Old Harman Mill operated in Floyd County since the early 1800’s. The office and residence building has been dated to 1790 by the Harman family, who still owns the property. In March 2015, the family decided at long last to take it down. St. Pierre Woodworking handled the take-down, a major operation that took three weeks to complete.

The original building was constructed in log cabin style with corner notching (v-style) and daub mortar. It had been added to over the centuries, and clad in asphalt siding in the past century which offered protection from the elements.

More about the actual mill and operations can be found in The Water-Powered Mills of Floyd County, Virginia: Illustrated Histories 1770-2010 by Franklin L. Webb and Ricky F. Cox.

This building was large enough, and the logs intact and in such good condition that we used wood from it for a year. These logs made tables and flooring and mantels, all of it beautiful, rich in character, old growth oak. Counting the growth rings has been a favorite past time — 20 per inch was typical. The collection is nearly exhausted now. Other smaller buildings have provided reclaimed wood during the same period of time, but this building was a staple and left its mark on 2015-2016. We’ll be sorry to see it go, but we know it’s all gone to good homes.